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118- I dont take enough pics of edward. arthur poses happily for snaps whereas this one is alot more choosy!

92- Arthur and me! Taken with instagram

83- Webster Rees 2000 - 2012
Yesterday little Webster passed away. We are are all devastated but know that the time he spent with us was full of love, laughter and lots of food stolen from the kitchen!

My family bought Webster when I was 20 and still at home. He came to us as a tiny ball of fluff that would curl up in my lap and fall asleep. As he grew to the mountain of dog we all know and love he didn’t forget these first days and until the last couldn’t understand why I would moan and protest when he tried to manoeuvre his hefty frame onto my lap.

Its not just the family that will miss Webster, the children in the street all knew him by name and he has become the subject of countless tales that I have told to friends over the years.

Having a dog in your home makes a massive difference. A bundle of mischief and comedy that keeps you smiling through most things(when you arent shouting at him!)

I didn’t get to say goodbye to him but I know that his memories of all of us, like ours of him would have been very happy ones.

Goodbye Webbly

69- cleaning arthur