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Are you following @Sweden yet?

The Swedish tourist board has decided to celebrate the diversity of Sweden by opening up the management of the official Sweden twitter account to “a new swede every week”!

This probably would got a bit of interest because of the exciting potential in the idea, but in the last few days the @sweden account has become infamous due to this weeks “New Swede” Sonja!

Sonja is a "27-year old womanlike human being from northern Sweden" who describes herself as "a single and low educated mother, but at least I don’t do drugs or prostitution."

Sonja has been tweeting about everything possible during the last few days including Disney Films, Injecting sausages, chinese water torture, labias and unicorns.

She has caused some controversy with the tweets about Jewish, gay people with aids and kids films. From what I have seen she is being slightly politically incorrect but she doesnt seem to want to upset anyone. She seems quite naive in what she is saying and actually if you put the inflammatory stuff aside for a while, she is actually quite open and inquisitive about life, which I think is great!

I feel I have to share a few of my favourite @Sweden tweets from today:

"I know this don’t knowing-thing is getting SO old but: I don’t know anything about Justin Bieber. Once I heard him scream "baby" thats all."

In sweden we have a saying: There is no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Do you have that saying in your countries as well?”

Have you seen little Mermaid 3? Ariels mom is run over by a ship in that movie. Thats hilarious, cause the ocean is so big. 

In english you say “balls” about someone who is brave. In sweden we say “labia”. Example: “You surely showed some real heroic labia there”

A few months ago I bought something from one of those crafty parties that get you drunk and show you lovely things in a catalogue.

We bought a plastic over priced food chopper and have regretted it ever since. The stupid thing would get bits of food stuck in the blades and just never seemed to be sharp enough. After a number of conversations with “customer care” they told me they would refund it but it would take 6 -8 weeks as uy t needed to go back to america for approval!!! I complained to a number of staff and managers with no success but within 5 minutes of tweeting a frustrated message, the company tweeted back saying it would all be processed within 5 days!
The power of social media indeed!