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220- I have now lost 3stones and 9.5lbs since February. Tonight I lost 5lbs and I am delighted. Its been a tough few weeks and I thought I wouldn’t do well. But when I thought about, I might have had a drink or a cake but its nothing compared to be slimming world. Even when im “being naughty!” im still nowhere near what I considered normal before. I have to remember not to be so hard on myself sometimes. I’m doing good!

After starting my sprints a week ago, this morning I decided to test my progress and I returned to my little mile route around my neighbourhood. When I first started 5 weeks ago I probably walked just over half of the route but this morning I found myself running for much longer periods. I still walked probably a third of the route in between the running but I could definitely feel the difference and I dropped 16 seconds of my personal best!

It’s a great progress that’s keeps me motivated. I’m going to back to sprints for another week and see
How I go. My current goal is to get down to 9 minutes before I up the route to 2 miles!

204- since I’ve started running the weather has not been good. i got up this morning to a glorious clear sky and it made my run so much nicer.

The Marl is a big park near my house and this morning in the dazzling sunlight i was the only one there and it was brilliant. I did a few more sprints than normal and hobbled home but it felt great!

My journey in weightloss can be highlightwd and celebrated in the fact that i now read articles about gealth and fitness. And enjoy them!
I read a really interesting one last week about using 30 second sprints to improve stamina and fitness (
As you all know I have started running recently and while I am really enjoying it, I have been looking for ways to make it more challenging rather than just extending the route.

So this morning I jogged my way to the local park (about half a mile) and then proceeded to run five 30 second sprints with intervals of about 2 minutes. This got me around the perimeter of the whole park and ended with me feeling like I had done a good work out! I’m going to try and do this 3 times a week for the next fortnight before reassessing my mile run and see how fast I can do it. Seeing improvements like this really helps keep me motivated.

One mile run around grangetown
16th June - 11 minutes 43 seconds
27th June - 10 minutes 30 seconds
11th July - 10 minutes 9 seconds
193- i have cut 1 minute 30 off my running time in a month. It’s still no Olympic qualifier but the difference this daily mile has made to my body and my mind has been extraordinary. In addition to the weightloss, the running is tightening things up and I’m seeing a real difference with shirts and jeans starting to hang off me! I’m still stopping a few times on the run, so when I can run most of the whole way around and get the time down to 9 minutes then I’m going to start a two mile route. Nice to have goals !

192- I have lost 3stones and 4lbs in 2012…thats 46lbs for you Americans!

After a week of much exercise and of reasonable eating I am now 5lbs lighter with a great total result this year.

I am absolutely delighted with the result.On the February 1st I weighed 24 stone and 8.5lbs(344.5lbs) and now on July 10th I weigh 21 stone and 4lbs(298lbs!).

Its taken me a while to write my actual Weight on here but I am really proud of what I have achieved. My next target is 19 stone 9.5lbs (274.5lbs) so my eyes are most definitely on the prize!


I’ve got a summer cold and it’s not fun. I woke up with a really bad throat yesterday and am now achy and tired. I’ve spent the last day or two curled up on the sofa with the dogs. The most surprising thing is that I have been quite frustrated that I haven’t been able to go for a run! I’m a bit shocked myself!
It may be partly because I want to get at least one pound off at slimming world to hit that 3 stone and then I have a whole new stone to target on!

I was ever so tempted not to go to slimming world tonight. I had found a variety of excuses to miss last week and nearly failed me again. I started running a few weeks ago and during that first week I gained a pound. It knocked my confidence even though I had eaten well. I havent eaten totally on plan in the last fortnight and even though I have kept up with some exercise I wasnt full of hope!

I have kept up with my running and Im really starting to enjoy it. Yesterday I took a half day off work and when I got home I decided I was in the mood for a run! I had sworn never to go running in the day for fear of people seeing me but I really felt the benefits of it.

I did attend weigh in and I managed to lose 2.5lbs!! I am now 1lb away from  3stones lost in 2012. This is the most ive lost so far but for weeks it has been 2 steps forward and 1 step back but I am absolutely determined to blast through the 3 stone mark!

168- yusuf and I went for a run this morning. Ive started back at the gym and been feeling motivated. The last few days have been difficult ask yusufs been off and “treats” aplenty have been in the flat.
Last night I was sitting in the living room with very restless legs and found myself craving some exercise.

I got Yusuf on board and at 7am this morning we went for a one mile run. Unfortunately we didnt time it and there were some walking sections, but its only the second time in my adult life I’ve ever run! I happily plod along in the gym but its a totally different ballgame one those streets!

I also prefer to exercise alone and wasnt sure about running with yusuf but actually it was good to feed off each other and push each other.

Very inspired to go again! And ill time the next one!

Slimming World tonight and I lost 3 lbs. Its not the greatest of losses I have had, but after a stressful few weeks I am pleased to have started to get back on track.

I have been to the gym four times and each time has got me inspired and energized to stay on plan. I used to go to the gym 4/5 times each week but it has been a few years now and getting back to the old routine is going to take a bit of time. I managed to increase from 10 minutes to 15 minutes on the cross trainer this week and I have started using the treadmill for the first time ever. I pulled myself together and started a 5 minute easy jog. its not the nicest thing seeing yourself wobbling up and down in the mirror but I actually enjoyed it and want to keep it up.

Tumblr has also been helping this week. I was scouting around the tags this week and came across Ben Does Life. This guy is so inspiring! Starting at the same weight as mne at 25 stone he ran his way to 15 stone! I dont think Ill ever get down that small considering my height and build but he has an inspiring story and I am going to make a concerted effort to getting fitter and getting thin